The whole board of directors is very excited and proud to announce that Autistic Inclusive Meets is now incorporated as a private company, limited by guarantee. Our company number is 10883624 and we were registered at Companies House on the 25th July 2017. Here is the statement from CEO, Emma Dalmayne:

We are very proud to announce that Autistic Inclusive Meets are now a registered company limited by guarantee!

One year ago today we began to form as a company.

AIM is a dream that was born of the desperate need for an inclusive organisation, one that would incorporate the social needs of both autistic adults and children.

AIM will continue as an autistic led organisation working with non autistics to fight autistic mistreatment and will always be completely inclusive.

Thanking directors Sara Challinger, Makeba Garraway, Alex Forshaw, Paul Wady and Donna Armitage.

We will rise!

Emma Dalmayne, CEO

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