Playgroup for Autistic Children

Mondays 4-6 pm

Brookhill Children’s Centre
130 Brookhill Road
SE18 6UZ

  • Refreshments are included in the price: tea, coffee, biscuits, fruit and squash.
  • No age limit and siblings are welcome.
  • Sensory play provided each week to aid and stimulate the tactile, auditory, visual and olfactory senses including a home-made play dough that is safe for oral seekers.
  • Referral is not necessary.
  • Pre-diagnosis children and all special needs are welcome.
  • Cost is £2 per family per session.

Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

Please note the group is now on MONDAYS.

For more information email us or phone Emma on 07464 614137.

Today we had an Autism Acceptance party and the attendees speak here about what the group means to them. The parents speak out about what it's like to have an autistic child while.the kids tell us what the group means to them and what it's like being autistic. Watch, it's beautiful chaos!

Posted by Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM on Tuesday, April 4, 2017
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