We at AIM have questions regarding Kevin Healey and his frankly highly concerning links to the GcMAF Oracle Facebook group run by a woman named Amanda Mary. She previously went by the name Amanda Mary Jewell. Amanda Mary professes to be a qualified cancer researcher, despite having no recognisable medical qualifications.

Kevin Healey is currently a member of GcMAF Oracle, Amanda Mary’s group where people with various illnesses, injuries and disease purchase the unregulated banned product GcMAF in the hope of a miracle cure. They complain of aches, pain, rashes and nausea caused by administering it in sprays, creams and intravenously.

Parents post and purchase GcMAF after being falsely informed it can cure their autistic children of their incurable neurological condition. They are advised in the group by its administrator, Amanda Mary who sells GcMAF via her website Healing Oracle.

Emma Dalmayne, AIM CEO, has herself also been offered the chlorine dioxide bleach based MMS by Amanda Mary to ‘treat’ her autistic child.

Kevin Healey is the co-founder of Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society which was formed in 2007 and as such he is in contact with vulnerable autistic adults on a regular basis.

Kevin Healey was an admin on Polly Tommey‘s Autism Mothers Facebook page. Polly Tommey is mother to an autistic son and is a spokesperson for the disgraced struck-off former doctor, Andrew Wakefield.

Polly Tommey has openly spoken out stating that vaccines, in particular the MMR, cause autism. She also stated in a video that she would never judge a parent who kills their autistic child. You can see the clip on Youtube here.

We ask why a co-founder of an autism charity, a self-appointed autistic spokesperson, would have links to groups and individuals like these?

We at AIM will always stand up for and promote autistic people and their right to a life without abuse and experimentation with scientifically-unproven, unregulated fake cure treatments.

We are transparent and we ask for Kevin Healey to settle our concerns and explain his connections to these people.

Further Reading
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This blog on Tumblr also documents Kevin Healey’s questionable conduct and dubious connections, backing it up with copious evidence.

Screenshot showing Kevin Healey among the members of the GcMAF Oracle Facebook group, dated 21st March 2018
GcMAF Oracle Facebook group members
Conversation with Amanda Mary where she offers to sell MMS (CD – Chlorine Dioxide, referred to as “dc” here)
Kevin Healey on video endorsing Polly Tommey (in Autism Mothers Facebook group)

Update about my video post yesterday polly hope you see this and respond with a video

Posted by Autism Mothers on Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Part 2 thankyou Polly and a message to all

Posted by Autism Mothers on Thursday, 9 June 2016

Nobody tells me to not be an admin for autism mothers and telling me what to do... And a message for Polly

Posted by Autism Mothers on Thursday, 9 June 2016
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