Fake Therapies for Autism Survey

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This is an important survey for UK residents that will help monitor and stop fake therapies and “cures” for autism.


My name is Craig Kennady. I am a commission member to The Westminster Commission on Autism and an autistic advocate. Last year you kindly contributed to our survey on access to healthcare and thanks to you we were able to produce our report ‘A Spectrum of Obstacles’.

I personally feel that we would not have had a strong report without your support! We have been very busy over the last year preparing for our next commission report. This time it is on fake therapist/treatment/’cures’ for autism.

If I could ask you to spare approximately 10/15 minutes to take our new survey we would be very grateful for your time. We hope to be able to publish this report towards the end of this year or early next year. Just like last time, the report will include recommendations to make the world a more autism-friendly place!

Please feel free to share the survey link with other people who are in the autism community. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WestminsterAutismCommmission3

The Westminster Commission-Autism on Autism would like to remind you that there is no cure for autism – should you have any concerns please email us or visit the NHS Choices page for Autism.

Please find a link to our first report https://westminsterautismcommission.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/ar1011_ncg-autism-report-july-2016.pdf

Emma Dalmayne, AIM CEO, was privileged to work alongside Craig Kennady on this survey. Please do take the time to fill it out: it’s crucial to share your experiences and views. AIM have long campaigned against fake abusive treatments and dangerous therapies. We take a strong stand against abuse of any autistic individuals. You can read our statement on So-called “Autism Cures” here.

Thank you very much.

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