Messages of Support

AIM CEO Emma Dalmayne has received letters and statements of support for the campaign she is leading in support of greater legal protection for autistic people, especially children, against fake “cures” and those who promote them.

From Simon Baron-Cohen:

Dear Emma Dalmayne,

This is to confirm that I support your efforts for new guidelines or legislation to prevent misleading cures for autism being promoted. I wish you success in your campaign.

Best wishes,
Simon Baron-Cohen

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, FBA
Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge,
President, International Society for Autism Research,
Director, Autism Research Centre
Psychiatry Department
Cambridge University
Douglas House
18B Trumpington Road
Cambridge CB2 8AH UK
01223 746057
To support autism research:

From Steve Silberman:

Dear Emma Dalmayne:

As the author of a history of autism, “NeuroTribes,” that won the 2015 Samuel Johnson prize, I am well aware of the threat that bogus autism “cures” pose to autistic people, their families, and to public health in general. It is imperative that the people and organizations marketing these products — which cruelly play on the hopes of parents for better lives for their children and steal resources from families already stretched to the limit — face the full force of the law. New legislation should be passed to put an end to these hoaxes so that autistic people and their families can lead happier, healthier, and safer lives. I fully support Emma Dalmayne’s efforts in this regard. Thank you.

Steve Silberman
Author, NeuroTribesThe Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

From Damian Milton:

The National Autistic Taskforce, which is a collaboration of autistic individuals,* supports Emma Dalmayne’s campaigning efforts. We join her in calling for robust action on the peddling and use of unethical, damaging, unevidenced ’treatments’ and ‘cures’ for au-tism.

Parents of autistic children are often highly vulnerable, being beset with negative and frightening stories of autism, fearful of their futures and willing to grasp onto the next ‘miracle cure’ that will make their children’s lives seem more certain. The people who sell these ‘cures’ are exploiting these parents’ fears and gullibility. Use of such ‘cures’ and ‘treatments’ should be pursued and addressed within a criminal law framework; the greatest weight of responsibility must lie with the promoters and sellers.

We understand there is currently legislation designed to protect people from being admin-istered harmful or illegal products; this does not appear to be being implemented to protect autistic children, or vulnerable adults, in the context of ‘autism cures/treatments’.

One such ‘cure’, for which there is increasing evidence of use in the UK, is known as Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS. It is a combination of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid, which creates a form of bleach when mixed together as instructed by the packaging. MMS is administered in babies’ bottles, to drink, and as enemas. The mixture can cause detachment of gastrointestinal lining tissue, which is seen by duped parents as ‘proof’ their children are shedding the ‘parasites’ that are causing the autism. MMS can also cause seizures, severe dehydration and respiratory difficulties.

We know there is currently an investigation into this subject being conducted by the Westminster Commission and we would ask that the WC is supported in its research and in publishing its findings at the earliest opportunity.

*       The National Autistic Taskforce is funded by the Shirley Foundation, supported by the National Autism Project and is led by: Dr Damian Milton, Dr Dinah Murray, Leneh Buck-le, Dr Yo Dunn, Ann Harber, Kabie Brook, Ryan Hendry, Dr Lawrence Arnold and Dr Catriona Stewart.

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