Autistic Pride Picnic

AIM proudly invite you to our first Autistic Pride event! A celebration of autistic culture, history and our wonderfully diverse families!

We have some wonderful speakers, poets, writers, artists and musicians coming to show the beauty of the #ActuallyAutistic and neurodivergent community.

Please all feel welcome to come along whether you are a lone autistic adult or a family with an autistic or several autistic members! Pre-diagnosed are welcome.

To the adults: you will be around peers and no social demands will be placed upon you to socialise. It’s an afternoon to celebrate being you so stim openly and know you are wanted.

To the families: please do come. It will be a wonderful opportunity to fully immerse yourself into our culture, our history and hear from OUR side. Bring the kids they are welcome and it will benefit them greatly to meet autistic adults, to see their community and know we are there, loud and proud!

Simply bring a picnic and make your way to Charlton House.

If you are an autistic-led organisation or an individual wishing to be involved please message or email us. See our Facebook Event for the latest updates.


12:00–12:15 Emma Dalmayne – Welcome, Itinerary and Autistic Inclusive Meets

12:15–12:30 Alex Forshaw – Art and Autistic Creativity

12:30–1:00 Willow Holloway, Julian Morgan from Autistic UK – Autistic Advocacy and The Inclusion of The Autistic Voice

1:00–1:15 Dawn Iverson – Musician and Singer

1:15–1:30 Olivia Astrid – Being Autistic and Trans

1:30–1:45 The Autistic Advocate – The Ripple Effect of Acceptance

1:45–2:00 Joseph Redford – Autistic Pride and Its Origins

2:00–2:15 Joely Williams – Positives and Quirks of Autism

2:15–2:30 Callum Brazzo – Poetry

2:30–2:45 William Vanderpuije – Musician and Singer

2:45–3:00 Leo George – Poetry

3:00–3:15 Janine Booth – Rights at Work and Poetry

3:15–3:30 Agony Autie – Stimming and Self Regulation

3:30–3:45 Róisín Johnston – Musician and Singer

3:45–4:00 AIM Directors – Close and Thank yous

Thank you!

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