With all the attacks on gender variant and transgender people in the media and online, and especially in light of the hate-fuelled campaign against children’s charity Mermaids UK after it was announced that the Big Lottery Fund had decided to award them £500,000, all of us at AIM wish to reinforce our message of support and acceptance for gender variant and transgender children and adults.

Campaigning to halt Big Lottery funding for trans support charity Mermaids isn’t noble – it’ll directly harm children – The Independent

We support the unique work done by Mermaids UK to provide invaluable support to gender variant and transgender children and their families in the form of help and advice, contact with others in the same situation, and campaigning for greater recognition and acceptance along with improvements in service provision. Like AIM, Mermaids arose because a group of parents saw that there was nothing out there to address the needs of their children and other families like theirs.

One of our directors, Alexandra Forshaw, is a trans woman and we all personally know trans members of the autistic and wider neurodivergent community. As neurodivergent people we have first-hand experience of being on the receiving end of prejudice fuelled by ignorance or hate, so we recognise gender variant and transgender people as kindred spirits who deserve nothing less than full acceptance by society.

We stand with Mermaids UK and fully believe that all children need to be accepted and loved for who they are.

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