We are proud to introduce our first Matron,  Jules Curtis Akers!

Due to Mr Akers generosity we will be able to continue to provide fresh fruit, biscuits and a good varied array of sensory play at both our weekly AIM group sessions!

Jules Akers


Managing Director and Nurse Consultant, “bananas in the pianos” ltd.

Hello! I am Jules Akers. I have worked in the health and social care sector for 25 years as a support worker, practitioner and manager.

Now I operate under the banner of “bananas in the pianos”, a company I established this year to provide nursing, training and consultancy services to small-scale care organisations and I am a doctoral candidate at The University of Salford, working on an analysis of the hospital experience of autistic people.

I was diagnosed autistic at the age of 50 and with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder two years later. I have four children (not children anymore!) and a granddaughter (also growing up too quickly!) Two of my children are also autistic though all four of them are awesome (the granddaughter too.)

It is an immense pleasure and privilege to support the work of AIM.

Autistic people in adulthood face an unemployment rate of 85% in this country and a life expectancy of some 10-20 years shorter than the general population.

There is an enormous knowledge gap among health, social care and education professionals and even a thriving ‘black market’ in pseudoscientific and abusive procedures for autistic children.

Organisations such as AIM are vital- they are run for and by autistic people and provide the support, skills and confidence which autistic children need in order to thrive- and hopefully not face the health, employment and other barriers to fulfilment with which far too many of us have had to contend.

In Emma Dalmayne they have a leader and campaigner with whom I have worked and have never ceased to be amazed by her ability to gather and motivate people around her. She has formed a team of extraordinary diversity and talent.

AIM is the organisation which has been needed for too long and I am delighted to be able to contribute to its continued success and growth.

Long may it continue.

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